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My name is Claudine Uwineza. I am from Rwanda and lived in Ethiopia for several years before moving to Belgium in my early twenties. I am married and we are blessed with a son Arthur. I started my company African Authentic Products in 2022 in Brussels and have registered the trade name "INEZA" which means kindness in my mother tongue, Kinyarwanda.

I have always been most fascinated by the beauty and craftsmanship of African hand-carved wood, pottery, hand-woven textiles, baskets, ceramics and furniture. The real beauty lies in the handcarved details and natural materials.

Picture in front of the oven in Ivory Coast

The blending of different cultures, styles and aesthetics has become increasingly popular in interior design and decoration. The perfect imperfection of these handcrafted objects provides a balanced contrast or surplus to various architectural styles just as blends well with designer furniture and art.

Claudine buying pottery

Authentic African handicrafts deserve a place in interiors around the world. My aim is to be a reliable importer and supplier of African handicrafts for high-end interior decoration.

I always buy and import products directly from African artisans, artists or craftsmen. Together, we make great efforts to respect sustainability, create jobs so that the artisans can improve their social and economic conditions.

Claudine receiving a container at the warehouse in Belgium

My mission is to help original African handicrafts find their way into stylish, designer interiors around the world, and in doing so, improve the lives of artisans, their families and their communities in Africa.

Artisan making a Sun mask in Ivory Coast

The main focus of Ineza is to establish B2B partnerships with interior designers, vintage & art galeries, real estate staging specialists, horeca entrepreneurs and cultural foundations. The products are stored in a warehouse in Denderleeuw, just outside of Brussels. To present the products to customers we have a Concept Store located in the center of Brussels in the vibrant art, design and vintage area called "Sablon" that can easily be reached by public transport as the store is only 5 minutes walk from Brussels Central Railway station.

The address of the Concept Store is Rue de Rollebeek 26, 1000 Brussels Belgium. It is open on appointment or on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 13h - 19h.

Picture of the INEZA Concept Store Rue de Rollebeek 26 in Brussels

 Hope to see you soon at the Concept Store! 

Claudine Uwineza, founder of Ineza & female entrepreneur